Here at Howling Timbers, our volunteers play a big role in the success of our operation. Whether caring for animals, rasing funds, or assisting with building projects, special events, and or public relations, volunteers are a very important part of Howling Timbers. On a daily basis, dependable volunteers are needed in the exotics area to clean cages, feed and water, sort and prepare food, assist visitors, and a variety of other tasks. Working with the farm animals, volunteers are needed to feed and water, clean barns and pastures, and assist with grooming. Volunteers in the wolf area clean enclosures, feed and water, and assist with pen maintenance. In addition, assistance is needed with building projects to build enclosures, platforms, ramps, and shelters. Howling Timbers also has the need for electricians, plumbers, welders, and other specialty trades people. If you are dependable, hard-working, and love animals, please consider volunteering at Howling Timbers. The experience is one most people will never have and one that our volunteers will never forget! To become a volunteer, please complete a volunteer application available at the sanctuary or the one on this page that is downloadable. You can then mail it in or drop it off in person. Once your application is received, we will schedule a date for training/orientation.

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Special thanks to our vounteers:

  • Amanda Olszewski for a wonderful website, taking great photos, helping manage our facebook page, and spending so much time to benefit the animals.
  • Andrea Rosema for utilizing your wonderful creativity to design logos for our organization.
  • Ashlyn Morell for cleaning cages, feeding and watering animals, and cleaning the house.
  • Audrey Cook for your all-night cleaning episodes and ongoing support of the sanctuary.
  • Aunt Bonnie Marshall for donating newspapers for our animal cages.
  • Betty Osborne for your donations of meat and other items for the wolf dogs.
  • Blackie Dammett for your continued support and entrusting us to care for your dogs and wolves.
  • Bob Hickle for your encouraging words and financial support.
  • Uncle Bob McQueen for picking up donated goods.
  • Brooklyn Morell for helping to take care of the animals and showing everyone the "right way" to do the job.
  • Char Minard for making so many wonderful hammocks and toys for the coatimundis, kinkajou, monkey, and hedgies.
  • Christa for helping to care for the wolf dogs and farm animals while most teens are at the mall.
  • Dan Scraver for helping cut, split, and stack wood to keep the critters warm.
  • Denny for always thinking of us when it comes to recycling items no longer needed at the store.
  • Department of Agriculture for your guidance and support and for working with us to become the first and only animal shelter licensed to care for wolf dogs.
  • Donnie Krisatis for always lending a hand when things breaks down, snow needs to be moved, and many other tasks.
  • Donnie J. Krisatis for always being available for snow removal or other jobs that are beyond our abilities.
  • Ethan Olszewski for teaching the wolf dogs tricks and helping with the exotics.
  • Grega Meats for all of the meat scraps you deliver to the wolf dogs. You're their favorite person!
  • Hair Chalet for saving and donating newspapers for our animal cages.
  • Heather Morell for volunteering your time to take care of the animals, pick up produce, and many other jobs.
  • Howard Cronin for hauling straw and building chinchilla shelves and kinkajou sleeping boxes.
  • Jamie Charvet for caring for the wolf dogs and other animals, trimming nails, and teaching me about chickens.
  • Jan Wierenga for putting your cleaning skills to the test each week to make the exotics area look and smell so great.
  • Jim Pearson for working every day to feed and provide a home for the many animals that reside at the sanctuary.
  • Jody Jarvis for always bringing a smile, your wonderful wolf photos and donation of animal supplies.
  • Kaitlyn Johnson for promoting the sanctuary, training animals, and assisting with the care of animals.
  • Keith Morell for helping cut, split and stack wood to keep the animals nice and toasty.
  • Kim Smith for teaming up to create a Howling Timbers Facebook page and for being a great friend and sister.
  • Lisa Postema for volunteering your time to care for the wolf dogs in freezing cold temperatures.
  • Lori Bates for picking up donated goods, being a great sister, and taking care of a host of animals herself.
  • Mapleview Animal Hospital for the terrific veterinary service you provide for all of the animals.
  • Margie Olszewski for your generous donations to the sanctuary.
  • Michele Barnes for inspiring others to not be afraid to do more than what seems possible for one person.
  • Neighbors for your continued support of the sanctuary.
  • Pam & Patty for your donation of food for the animals.
  • Pam Austin for always being a positive inspiration and thinking of others. You are an angel.
  • Pat Cronin for your continued support of Jumangi and many other animals and for putting in so many hours each week making sure all of the animals are well cared for, clean, and spoiled.
  • Pat Grimm for your continued support of the sanctuary in more ways than one.
  • Pat Hanson for picking up donated goods, meals, and helping to care for the animals.
  • Pet Pantry for doing all you do for the community and sharing in your resources.
  • Plumbs for your donations of the most wonderful produce any animal could ever hope for. All of the animals at the sanctuary benefit from your generous support. Your store and employees are truly the best.
  • RHCP for your generous support of the animals.
  • Robert Zavitz for your dedication and many years of caring for the animals at Howling Timbers.
  • Sandra Strandberg for being there for the less fortunate so that all animals can receive health care.
  • Scott Clear for your deliveries of great food for our wolf dogs.
  • Sherry Fraizer for being a great veteran volunteer who cleans the exotics area, picks up produce, collects newspapers for the animal cages and helps with fundraisers.
  • Shirley Zavitz for many years of hard work with the wolf dogs and other animals, for giving two of our adoptable dogs a great, loving home, and financial support.
  • Steve Stribley for volunteering to build a computer network for us, keeping it working, and many other tasks.
  • Stevie Cramer-Johnson for your continued support of the wolf dogs. We couldn't do it without you.
  • Tina for your time in caring for the wolf dogs and getting up the nerve to throw gruesome meat scraps.
  • Thank you to Bob Triick and Sons Landscaping for their donation of the turf grass.
  • Thank you to the people who donated the awesome new reptile enclosure.

A note from the webmaster:

Brenda Pearson created this gracious list to thank her volunteers, but I think it's important that she is recognized as well. Brenda is a woman with a deep love for all of God's creatures. Her vision to rescue as many of our furry friends as possible should not go unnoticed. This is a woman who sacrifices in countless ways to make sure everything is run smoothly at the sanctuary. Whenever I visit, Brenda is always found to be selflessly looking after the needs of the animals, nonstop. Without her voice, these animals could have very well been thrown by the wayside. Thanks, Brenda! Your work and dedication doesn't go unnoticed.